The purpose of the Hear My Story initiative is for Central to help others learn how to share their story with others.

Our goal is to help you tell you story to others in less than three minutes and in a natural, clear, and concise manner.

Throughout 2017, you will see videos of people sharing their story and how they came to know Christ.

Use our Hear My Story Tip Sheet to develop your story so you can share it with others!


Hear My Story Tip Sheet

Tommy Redding

Hear from Tommy Redding, Central’s Minister of Education, and learn how he discovered that God’s Word was more than informational, but it was about a God that desired to be relational.

After hearing his story, you will learn more about our Hear My Story initiative and why we believe sharing our story is so important.

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the answer for the hope you have.”

1 Peter 3:15

Pam Davis

Hear from Pam Davis how growing up in a Christian home and being influenced by Godly people helped her turn to God when she encountered trials as a young adult and as a parent.

Tara Bryson

Hear from Tara Bryson, a single mom who wondered if she could ever experience true love, until she fell in love with Christ.

Dottie Little

Hear from Dottie Little and how she faced different trials differently due to her relationship with God.

Madison Golden

Hear from Madison Golden, one of our Central Students, and hear how she struggled with doubt as she grew in her relationship with Christ.

Jason Weeks

Hear from Jason Weeks and how he thought he had it all together, until a conversation with his father led him to the Father.

Ted Smith

Hear from Ted Smith, the leader of our Celebrate Recovery ministry and how God worked in his life.

Jerry Stephens

Hear from Jerry Stephens, a man who could have passed away at the age of 6 months old, but is able to share his story 78 years later.

Kayla Dorsett

Hear from Kayla Dorsett and how God showed her what it means to truly experience her Father’s love.

Dorene Bickford

Hear from Dorene Bickford and how God used multiple trials in her life to shape her into the woman she has become today.

Darcy Jones

Hear from Darcy Jones, how she fell in love with God’s Word, and how her relationship with Christ changed as a result.

Elizabeth Redding

Hear from Elizabeth Redding as she shares how important it was that she attended a New Believers’ Class when she made a decision to follow Christ.

Don Sharp

Hear from Don Sharp and how we should remember how God works all things for His good, even when it seems like there is nothing good about the situation.

James Weeks

Hear from James Weeks and how God protected him during his time in the military, ultimately causing James to reflect on what it meant to follow Christ with his life.

Rachel Jones

Hear from Rachel Jones and how she can see how God has guided her steps over the years, even when things didn’t always seem to go as planned.